John Alite – Darkest Hour

A New #1 Bestseller by SC Pike

Mafia hitman’s true life story of murder and redemption.

TWENTY PLUS years and counting… John Gotti, Jr. (a shelved mafia don) has been seemingly obsessed with creating constant public feuds by harassing, fabricating lies on his own websites and social media, and altering court documents in a relentless pursuit to defame John Alite’s character in order to stop John Alite from telling the truth to the world.

John offers an honest, real first-hand, street level, no-holds-bar of his life, starting from a young boy, and then how he moved into organized crime with the Gotti and Gambino crime families.

It’s a proven fact Junior and Alite worked together back in the eighties and nineties, both selling and running drugs on the streets of New York. The Gotti family was the worst thing to have happened for the Italian mob…. They were flashy, flamboyant, and full of double standards. They broke every rule within the mob, from killing a mob boss, blaming others to take the fall for their drug dealing business, to cooperating with the FBI behind closed doors. Soon the Gotti family would prove to be the demise of The American Mafia as we once knew it.

John Alite, a full-blooded Albanian living deep, in and among the Italian mafia has survived them all. He protected the Gotti’s from not only infiltrators, but of their own kind; for this family was despised by the rest of the Italian Mafia. Alite was one of their most loyal, serving the Gotti family as their muscle – their personal hitman – until he was betrayed.

Throughout his entire life, John Alite had been dealt a bad hand, surviving gangs, beatings, molestation, race wars, Italian Mobs, and worse… The Gotti’s. After his betrayal by the only family he had dedicated his life to, John Alite then decided to risk his life as an Albanian gangster to help destroy the biggest mafia that had existed in American history.

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