John Alite’s story is truly unique.

It is an inside look at the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of the American Mafia in the 21st century. You want honor and loyalty, watch The Godfather. You want reality, talk to John Alite.

Over the course of a twenty-five-year career as a gangster he brutalized people, stabbing them, shooting them, beating them with clubs, blackjacks and baseball bats. He’s not proud of that, but he doesn’t try to hide from it either. It’s who he was.

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“Those who know me know why I did what I did, and those who don’t should mind their own business”

– John Alite


A New #1 Bestseller by SC Pike

TWENTY PLUS years and counting… John Gotti, Jr. (a shelved mafia don) has been seemingly obsessed with creating constant public feuds by harassing, fabricating lies on his own websites and social media, and altering court documents in a relentless pursuit to defame John Alite’s character in order to stop John Alite from telling the truth to the world. Learn More

Gotti’s Rules

by George Anastasia

From the New York Times bestselling author of Blood and Honor and The Last Gangster—“one of the most respected crime reporters in the country” (60 Minutes)—comes the sure to be headline-making inside story of the Gotti and Gambino families, told from the unique viewpoint of notorious mob hit-man John Alite, a close associate of Junior Gotti who later testified against him.

No one has survived under tougher conditions and lived to tell about it.

After years on the run from law enforcement and Gambino assasins, and over a decade in some of the most dehumanizing, hellish prisons on the face of the earth, John has courageously worked to overcome his physical and psychological demons to once again start over and contribute to society.